PPR003 La Fleur - Eavesdropper EP

La Fleur - Eavesdropper EP
A. Eavesdropper
B. Tjuvlussnerkan
C. Tjuvlyssnerkan (Ian Pooley Remix)
D. Eavesdropper (Jordan Peak Remix)
E. Tjuvlyssnerkan (Jesper Ryom Remix)


Following her “Flowerhead” Swedenʼs La Fleur returns to her own Power Plant imprint for itʼs third release, “Eavesdropper EP”.

artwork by hans arnold
Hans Arnold (1925 – 2010) was a Swiss artist that since the late forties lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden. He was first of all famous among the swedish public for his imaginative horror illustrations in the major Swedish newspapers and magazines. He also made numerous illustrations for book covers and album covers. One album that is worthy of mention is the Abba’s “The Greatest Hits” where his art work adorns the cover.


10 EUR